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  • Tim has been working with me for years. We have built a strong bond. His proficiency helps me a lot with my personal growth. Therapy is not an easy path, but it’s worthy if you want to devote yourself. You certainly need a patient, skillful and trustworthy person to walk along the path with you. I am grateful to have Tim as this figure on my path.
  • Tim is an excellent therapist. Extremely knowledgeable and deeply skilled.
  • Tim really helped me through a stressful transitional time. He gave me tools to find short term treatments, that grew into longer lasting solutions.
  • Tim is an attentive, supportive and knowledgeable professional. I have known his for almost 3 years and continue to benefit from his services.
  • The therapist I see here is quite possibly the best therapist I've ever been treated by; and I'm not ashamed to admit I've seen quite a few over the years (It can be hard to find a good fit!)

Helping Your Husband with ADHD

Tim is the co-author of Helping Your Husband with ADHD. If you are the wife of a man with ADD/ADHD this may have struck a painful chord, and for good reason. Beyond the daily difficulties of being on the receiving end of ADD/ADHD, your plight is often ignored by therapists and other professionals. Yes, many books and articles have been written describing the challenges of people with ADD/ADHD, but few focus on those who suffer the most from this condition – namely, their partners.

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